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Clicking on the "Buy" button for any product will take you to the purchase page for that item. When completing the order, apply the coupon "MAILCAPITAN" to receive the promotional pricing.

Little Known Software

Create better signatures that incorporate a bit of fun and personality into your messages.

If you have many email accounts and want to manage the signatures more seamlessly between them, SignatureProfiler is especially for you.

Add random signatures, what is playing in iTunes or even your current Skype status to your signature.

Little Known Software

Use to Mail Plugin Manager to enable, disable or even remove plugins for Mail without having to dig around in folders. It is the manager that will help you deal with the plugins that you have installed.

Mail Plugin Manager can show you a list of available plugins that you can install with the click of a button. This makes for a much simpler way to install plugins and allows you to discover some plugins that you may not have known about before.

It’s a bit like an app store for plugins.

Mail Plugin Manager also lets you know when a plugin will be incompatible with future OS versions, so you can update in advance.

Indev Software

The must-have toolkit for processing, organizing, and monitoring your email.

Use Mail Act-On to efficiently process your email with powerful outbox and on-demand rules.

Use MailTags to effectively organize your messages with keywords, notes, and more.

Use Mail Perspectives to effortlessly monitor critical mailboxes and messages.

Mailcapitan discount applies to all our individual titles and bundle packages.

Little Known Software

Infusionsoft workflow inside Mail on your Mac

Tealeaves is a plugin for Apple's Mail that adds a panel to the right of your mail window giving you immediate access to the details about your client that are stored in your Infusionsoft application. Increase the effectiveness of your workflow right now!

Tealeaves is a subscription-based product and the discount is 50% off for the first 6 months or 35% off the first year for an annual subscription.

C-Command Software

SpamSieve gives you back your inbox, using powerful Bayesian spam filtering to provide amazing accuracy that;s constantly improving. It's quick and easy to control SpamSieve from within Apple Mail. And while your Mac is running (or in a Power Nap), it can clean the spam out of your iPhone or iPad's inbox, too.

Take Control Books

Use Apple Mail like a pro with real-world advice from email expert Joe Kissell!

This 207-page ebook takes you beyond the basics (which are covered too) with the most comprehensive documentation about Mail available! You'll learn important details about employing multiple accounts, attachment handling, rules, smart mailboxes, Gmail integration, digital signatures and encryption, and much more.


EverMail allows to easily convert emails in Apple's Mail application to be converted into notes in Evernote. This conversion includes formatting, file attachments and all other information regarding that particular email.

Notes created by EverMail contain a direct reference to the source email that it was created from. This allows to easily find the email correspondence from within Evernote. This association between note and email works in both directions, of course.

Nisus Software

InfoClick gives you quick and easy navigate through your emails to see the words, contacts, and information within. InfoClick knows precisely what words you've used, so there's no guessing;it offers a guided process of progressively narrowing down the matches in a series of simple choices. That means you can't ever produce a search with zero matches.For example, when you're searching for all emails containing a particular word, InfoClick would show the completions "connection", "connexion", and (the misspelled) "connecsion", if you'd actually used those words in your emails.

InfoClick offers additional features to make searching your emails easier. To see all emails received from educational organizations in the US, simply type .edu in the From field. With a single click, you can narrow-down your search to only those emails that had an attachment,and/or those received in a given date range, and/or those that contain specific words. You can choose, as alternatives, all displayed word spellings used in the emails, so you don't miss an email because of spelling errors.

InfoClick also offers a note editor, allowing you to collect and organize links to emails, files, web pages, and other URLs (notes are completely searchable).

Erik Hinterbichler

Herald is a plugin for that goes far beyond OS X's built in notifications. Herald allows you to perform common actions directly from within the notification window, including deleting, initiating replies, or marking as read. Herald's appearance is also customizable, so you can tailor it to your own taste.


Face2Face adds new sources for representative images based on a sender's Facebook or Google+ account, Flickr account, Gravatar profile or based on our own database.

If an email cannot be associated to a specific person, Face2Face uses the corresponding company image instead of a personal image.


Email signatures are a very effective way of making your email messages look more professional, more personal or simply more beautiful.

With Graffiti it becomes easier than ever before to design wonderful email signatures without being a web design expert.

Dervish Software

MailHub is a 'smart' plug-in for Apple Mail which revolutionizes email management. It learns as you work, suggesting likely filing locations to take the pain out of keeping your mail organized. It also allows you to set reminders on emails so you can follow-up later, bulk file by sender or thread, and much more.


CargoLifter automatically uploads your email's attachments to the cloud and adds the corresponding links to the end of your email. This makes sure that your file attachments are not blocked by your or the recipient's email provider due to the file size exceeding their limits.

CargoLifter supports many different cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Droplr, CloudApp, Dropmark, MediaFire, Box and YouSendIt. Moreover, you can use your own server via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV or ownCloud.

Creative In Austria

DockStar is the ingenious way to keep an eye on your Mail.

DockStar adds extra badges to Mail's dock icon and clickable indicators to the menu bar. Intuitively monitor unread messages in more than one mailbox.

Power users can't live without DockStar to keep tabs on their many folders and accounts. Casual emailers love DockStar's fun shapes, colors, and sounds


ForgetMeNot is activated by special keywords in your email and reminds you if it cannot find an attachment when you are about to send your email.

Forget about these embarrassing moments when you forgot to attach a file to your email from now on: Install ForgetMeNot and never forget about attaching files again!

Creative In Austria

Letter Opener Pro processes Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat files without the requirement for a separate, standalone application.

Implemented as a plug-in, Letter Opener Pro lives right inside Apple Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, allowing users to seamlessly convert winmail.dat files to attachments, appointments, Address Book contacts, and more.

C-Command Software

Speed up Apple Mail by archiving your old e-mails. Just select the messages and press the F1 key to import them into EagleFiler for safe long-term storage. (EagleFiler will even preserve any tags or notes that you've assigned using MailTags.) Later, find what you’re looking for using EagleFiler's live search or smart folders.


SendLater adds another send button that allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific date and time.

With SendLater you can compose emails whenever you like and make sure that they are not sent before the next working day starts. By this, it appears to the email’s recipient that you are only available during business hours.